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Your Complete Source for Event Planning,  National & International Independent Groups Travel Consulting Services. Get to know the team at TOP CAT ENTERPRISES in Chicago, Illinois, and West Palm Beach, Florida, Negril Jamaica, St. Maarten T.C.E.'s clients come from years of consumer and business networking as a Professional Event Planner and Travel Consultant. We also produce Caribbean Round-Up's for travelers both local and worldwide. Contact us to learn more about our group travel and T.C.E. event planning services.

About Sista C. Imani

Owner Catrina Green-Shearer (aka) Sista C. Imani spent 40 years in event planning and has 31 years of experience as a professional independent travel consultant, specializing in the Caribbean and groups. She is a true people person, always working hands-on with her clients. No matter what she is booking for her client, she gives great suggestions to give you what you are looking for. She loves to provide options and choices. T.C.E. CARIBBEAN ROUND-UP EMPRESS SISTA C. IMANI THANK JEHOVAH MY FATHER /MOTHER SOURCE FOR THE JOURNEY'S IN THIS BLESSED LIFE... (H.I.M.) HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, OUR LORD GOD HAS ALOUD MI TO PRODUCE AND PROMOTE PROGRAMS THROUGHOUT THE CARIBBEAN. WE GIVE THANKS AND PRAISE TO THE MOST HIGH GOD.

Sista C. Imani

Spiritual Touch

Catrina is a spiritual person who strives to put her Lord God and family first always. When serving you, she treats you as a fellow child of God, whose needs are extremely important. Her goal is to give better service for less. Providing services through professional ethnic networking.


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